We don’t just sell furniture, we sell the comfortable setting for magical moments relaxing with those you love.

Ministry of Chair is about expressing personality. Not only are we sitting on the edge of our chairs to be edgy, we believe in setting new standards. Do not get us wrong, we are all about being social and bringing people together, we just like to furnish provocative ideas. We poke fun at people’s busy lives, including our own, but just because we think you deserve a rest!

We are not much of a furniture shop. We would much rather make people laugh — laugh with each other in comfortable bean bag chairs, and laugh when they see our designs. It’s about creating a colourful oasis in the middle of a monotonous daily routine. It is about appreciating the small moments in life.


“Sit up straight! Well, we don’t, just relax!”

No, we are not your one-stop-shop for home living and furniture — we don’t want to be. We do not claim to have a large variety of home furnishings in every price range. Instead of offering anything and everything, we offer a select collection of stylish and fun furniture.

We started with an empty corner… But where others saw a corner, we saw the opportunity for a cosy resting spot where significant moments could unfold — if there just was the right furniture.


“Don’t just sit in the corner, relax comfortably there!”

Every naked room corner can become a fun-sized abode. A splash of intense colour and a fun-ky design is all it takes to completely disrupt the vibe of any room. And why not turn that corner into the comfy focal point of your place?


“Have you ever wondered how your old armchair would look surrounded by a bolstered zoo of colourful designs?”

We are here to give you furnishing options to transform neglected nooks into useful and inviting spots that make life at home a little more enjoyable. Turn that corner into a place where you can have some alone time. Turn it into a space where you can have some HTHT (heart to heart talk) or SCL (snuggling in candle light) with your sweetheart. Turn that corner into a space to fill up with memories.

This is why we are here.

Our aesthetic workshop approaches furniture design differently — colours, high performing-easy maintaining materials and out-of-the-ordinary designs to into a mad mix of functionality and comfort that you can check out in our web shop here!