Refilling A Bean Bag Lounger

Several people are always very happy when they purchase a bean bag chair but after a while, the bean bag chair might start acting sad rather than the all-cheering look. Well, if this is you then you don’t need to be bothered anymore as this article will show you how to refill your bean bag chair with little stress and in very short time. Once you notice the sad look of your bean chair, all you simply need to do is purchase new fillings to top your bag and follow the Do-It-Yourself procedure written below.

Our Filling Material

They are made with 100% virgin expanded polystyrene beans. Virgin beans are the best option because they will last longer. Virgin polystyrene beads are made specifically as filler for bean bags, but some people use inferior recycled beads that once served another purpose. The beads are tiny polystyrene balls that feel much like Styrofoam. These are great for bean chairs because they are lightweight and rigid. After refilled, it can last for up to 10 years, depending on the frequency of usage.

Below are four quick DIY steps for refilling your bean bag.

1.    Get two people to assist you and turn off your fans.
When filling the bag, you will want to consider one more person  to assist you so the whole process doesn’t turn out to be a difficult one. Ensure during feeling that the windows and doors are well shut in order to lock-out breeze which might disrupt what you are doing. Now that you have sealed off breeze from outside, next is your fan –make sure you turn off your fan too as it can make the whole work much slower than the usual.

2.    Carefully invert the bean bag in order to unzip.
Next thing you will want to do is carefully reach out for the zip through inverting the bean bag. Once you have located the zipper, unzip the bag carefully because at this point, your bean bag is filled with beans and you don’t want that spilled all around. Gently hold up the bean bag with with one party holding the back of the refill bag. This is aimed at properly stretching the bag in order to create a narrow opening on the front which allows for easy flow of beans into the bag.

3.    The other person should open the unzipped end of the bag for beans flow.
The other person should now open up the unzipped end of the bag in order to allow free flow of beans –the flow of beans into the bag should be done carefully not too fast and not too slow in order to have an adjusted amount in adequate quantity. Now that you have successfully poured the beans, next is put back the zipper.

4.    Repeat process number one.
Now that you have done all of the above, invert the bag and guess what? Your bean bag chair is alive once again and smiling.