Bean Bag Refill - Polystyrene beads

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Our beans are high quality expanded polystyrene 'beads'. They look like tiny white peas.

Polystyrene beads do compress after some time so it is recommended that you top them up from time to time. Our beanbags have built-in zippers to allow filling and emptying should you want to wash your cover or change the polystyrene beads.


Why do I need to Refill my bean bag?
Beans can last up to 10 years depending on use, but they do eventually break down upon compression and require replacements.


How to refill my bean bag?
The best way to refill your chair and avoid spillage is to do it with someone else. One person can hold the bag open around the zip while the other pours the beans. It is best to put the opening of the bag containing the beans into the bean bag to avoid spills. We recommend you fill the bag indoors as the beans are very light and could fly around even in light winds. Don’t worry, it is a manageable task even for a 10 year old kid.


Product Details: 1kg per bag (est. 50ml)
Bead Dimension: 3-5mm



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